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  • Professional price- 7,999/- BDT
  • Students Price- 4,999/- BDT
  • Eid Offer- 3,999/- BDT

50% discount on courses on the occasion of Eid. This offer is for a limited time. The offer will run till 10th May. After 10th May when the Eid offer ends, Then admission should be done at regular price. Eid Coupon (v2dnvt7n)

It seems that there is an offer for students to enroll in a program for a discounted price of 4499 but to take advantage of this offer, students must send their student ID card to the email address provided (cyberbanglaofficial@gmail.com) to confirm their student status and validity of their ID card. Once their student status is confirmed, they should be able to enroll in the program for the discounted price of 4999.


We offer a comprehensive Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking course that includes full-time live classes, 34+ sessions, and a 1-month internship in any of three categories, all of which are free for our enrolled students. Our courses cater to both basic and advanced levels, ensuring that even those without prior experience can benefit from them.

Completing this course will help you:

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Course Module

  • What is Linux?
  • Discuss Kali Linux.
  • Introduction to Kali directory.
  • Discuss some important commands to start Ethical Hacking
  • What is Cryptography?
  • Asymmetric Symmetric Cryptography?
  • RSA & some Crypto Algorithm
  • Hash function Cryptography
  • Tools and CTF Practices
  • Resource For Cryptography
  • OpenSSL (private and public key encryption)
  • What is Steganography ?
  • Hide Information inside image
  • Hide Information inside audio
  • Extract information from image
  • Extract information from audio
  • Embedded and extract information from Video
  • Steganography in Web Security
  • Brief Description Basic networking (LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN Network Topologies)
  • Brief Description Classification of the network
  • Details Discuss OSI & TCP/IP model (Layer Details, Differences)
  • Details PDU (Protocol Data Unit)
  • Details Protocol, Port number
  • Details IP addressing, subnetting, CIDR
  • Details (Public, Private) ip address, (Classfull, Classless) ip address
  • Details Loopback, Broadcast, Network add, Host Address, IPv4,IPv6
  • Details ARP Protocol (How packet travel using ARP)
  • (RARP, Proxy ARP, Gratuitous APR)
  • Details Various network architecture (Campus, Bank, DC, DR)
  • Brief Description of Network Design, Required Protocols & Devices
  • Brief Description Switch, Hub, Router, Firewall, L2device, L3device, Bandwidth Manager, AP
  • Basic network command in windows and tools
  • Details Nmap
  • Internal & External Network scanning.
  • Host detection, server detection, OS details, port detection
  • Details Wireshark
  • Live capturing of the network data
  • Analysis of packet capture file
  • T-Shark capturing tools
  • Online packet scanner (TCP Dump(splicer))
  1. Search engine OSINT

2)Reverse image search

3)Email OSINT

4)Phone number OSINT

5)GEO Location

6)Social Media OSINT

7)Best OSINT tools

  • Basic Web Knowledge Before Hacking
  • information gathering
  • Recon for Web Hacking
  • Hacking Methodology For Web Hacking
  • Burp-Suite Advance Uses For Web Hacking
  • OWASP Vulnerabilities
  • SQL Injection and Dump Website data using SQL injection
  • XSS and How to XSS work
  • Advance XSS for Bug-Hunting and Pen-testing
  • Local File Inclusion ( LFI )
  • Advance LFI For Bug-Hunting and Pen-testing
  • IDOR Vulnerability
  • Brute Force Attack Using Hydra
  • SSH username and password Hacked
  • FTP username and password Hacked
  • Shell Upload and defacement upload
  • Reverse Shell upload and Privilege Escalation
  • Web Pen-testing Job in Upwork

-What is digital forensics?

-Discuss digital forensics tools.

-Introduction to Autopsy.

-Memory analysis with Autopsy.

-Introduction to Sand-Box.

-Discuss about Cuckoo Sandbox, Virus total.


– Discuss SOC tools.

– Install Splunk.

– Works with Splunk.

– Install Wazuh.

– Works with wazuh.

– Threat Intelligence(MISP) – Works with MITRE ATT&CK framework

– Threat hunting lab(Detection lab)

1.Introduction to IoT Security and Pentesting
a. Understanding the concept of IoT
b. Identifying the IoT security risks
c. Getting familiar with IoT security standards
d. Understanding IoT security terminologies

2. IoT Penetration Testing Methodology
a. Reconnaissance of IoT devices
b. Vulnerability Assessment
c. Exploitation
d. Post-Exploitation

3.IoT Pentesting Tools
a. Nmap
b. Burp Suite
c. Metasploit
d. Wireshark
e. Other IoT-specific tools

4.IoT Protocol Analysis
a. Understanding IoT communication protocols
b. Analyzing IoT protocols using Wireshark
c. Exploiting vulnerabilities in IoT protocols

1.Introduction to Cloud Computing
a. Understanding the concept of cloud computing
b. Different types of cloud services
c. Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing
d. Cloud deployment models

2.Cloud Security Fundamentals
a. Threats and vulnerabilities in cloud computing
b. Security controls for cloud computing
c. Compliance and regulatory requirements
d. Security policies and procedures

3.Cloud Security Architecture
a. Cloud security models
b. Security architecture design for cloud computing
c. Identity and Access Management (IAM) in the cloud
d. Virtualization security in the cloud

4.Cloud Security Management
a. Cloud risk management
b. Incident management in the cloud
c. Disaster recovery in the cloud
d. Cloud security testing and assessments

5.Cloud Security Tools and Technologies
a. Cloud security technologies and solutions
b. Encryption and key management in the cloud
c. Intrusion detection and prevention in the cloud
d. Network security in the cloud

  • Basic Uses of Metasploit
  • Web Exploitation Using Metasploit
  • Windows Hacking using Metasploit
  • Upgrading normal(nc) shell to meterpreter shell
  • Android Hacking Using Metasploit
  • Malware and Payload Create using Metasploit
  • Encoding
  • Privilege Escalation with meterpreter
  • Backdoor Persistence in any device

-Shell Upload and Privilege Escalation

-Linux and Windows Escalation

What is Termux, using Termux and important tools review

– Social Media Account Cracking Using Mobile

– Hacking Tools for Mobile

  • SOC (Security Operations Center)
  • Freelancing
  • Bug-Hunting
  • Network Security

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